Andy's Tree Service is a tree trimming and removal company in Tonawanda NY, serving Buffalo and Niagara!

We take pride in serving Western New York for over 40 years! We are your #1 choice for tree removal! We are safer, faster and more economical than the rest. We offer friendly service and guarantee our work 100%! We work year-round for your tree service needs.

We have extreme access featuring the Spider Lift 75' Hylift, which is able to fit through a 38.5' gate.

Watch our video to see us in action. You will see us use the spider lift to trim a very tall tree and clean up the branches in a hurry. We take no time turning a very tall tree into a convenient pile of mulch.

One Facecord

1 Face Cord of Wood

We usually always have Face Cords of Wood available upon request. One Face Cord measures "4ft x 8ft x 18inches" as seen to the right.

   - Seasonal
   - Mixed Hardwood
   - Local Delivery

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